On July 2, 1900 Good Hope Lutheran Church was organized by a group of residents of the Arlington area who traced their heritage back to travelers on a shipwrecked boat from Germany. Over the years, this church has been a shelter of God’s grace and a beacon of God’s hope. Sunday after Sunday the doors of Good Hope have been open to receive God’s people, and gather in their prayers and praise. This community of Christ has celebrated the joys of births, baptisms, weddings, and holidays. It has also been the blanket of God’s embrace during times of sorrow, death, trouble and pain. In its first few years Good Hope numbered 100 people, but today over 700 people share the mutual commitment of following the Lord. Although it began as a congregation of German speaking Christians, Good Hope now is home to the entire cross-section of backgrounds and traditions that make up this rural community. Although few are full time farmers, the ebb and flow of rural life still sets the pace for the days and seasons. Findlay, a town of 35,000, provides jobs and opportunities for the majority of Good Hope’s members. In recent years, Good Hope has reached far beyond the streets and neighborhoods of Arlington to shine the hope and peace of Christ. Over 5,500 quilts have been sewn by the women of Good Hope and sent to needy people all over the world. An Indian reservation in South Dakota was the recipient of the labor of many members. A Vietnamese family found refuge from the war and a place to make a new life among Good Hope. Supplies, clothing, and birthday cards have regularly been sent to a home for troubled youth, and when disasters happen anywhere in the world, Good Hope has always been quick to respond with funds to help. We have recently completed an addition and renovation project that we hope will enable us to better serve our members and our community. With 100 years behind us, we step forward in faith, not knowing where we are going, but only that the Lord’s hand will lead us and his love support us.

“Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us comfort and GOOD HOPE through grace, comfort your hearts and strengthen them in every good work and word.”

2 Thessalonians 2:16,17